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Life at The Hendrik: CJ Galdes and Megan Thompson

By Mason Nichols

CJ Galdes and Megan Thompson had been thinking about living in downtown Grand Rapids for quite some time. The pair, who both grew up in West Michigan and attended college at Michigan State University, were drawn to renting on the West Side, but hadn’t yet decided on a specific community. One night, after eating dinner in the area, CJ and Megan realized that Bridge Street Market wasn’t the only building being going up on the construction site.

After doing some quick research, CJ discovered it was The Hendrik. Excited about the prospect of living above Meijer’s new urban market, he reached out to the team at Rockford Property Management. CJ and Megan took a hard hat tour of the community, signed a lease and moved in as quickly as they could when The Hendrik opened in November 2018.

CJ Galdes and Megan Thompson - The Hendrik

CJ Galdes and Megan Thompson moved into The Hendrik on Grand Rapids' West Side as quickly as they could when the community opened in November 2018.

Since that time, the duo has gotten plenty of use out of the market.

“The market was a huge draw. We thought it would be difficult to live downtown because before you didn’t really have access to a grocery store like that. But we saw the opportunity to live above it and not even really have to walk outside in the winter.”
The Hendrik - Bridge Street Market

CJ and Megan have made ample use of Bridge Street Market since moving into The Hendrik.

Beyond Bridge Street Market, CJ and Megan have benefitted from the strong sense of community that has formed at The Hendrik. Both noted the many friends they have made since moving in nearly a year ago.

“Through different socials and events the apartment has organized, we’ve met a lot of really cool people that live at The Hendrik,” Megan said. “It’s a really close-knit group of people here.”

CJ agreed with Megan, adding that the connections being formed between residents is not something that he’s ever experienced in an apartment environment. The two have also enjoyed the Rockford Property Management staff, noting that the team is responsive and easy to work with in all situations.

“This is a really specific example, but Rockford has even been great with our 4-year-old cat Izzy,” Megan said. “At our previous apartment, the staff would make it super complicated any time they had to enter with our cat inside. But the maintenance staff at Rockford has been very accommodating, allowing our cat to just be there without issue.”

CJ Galdes and Megan Thompson - The Hendrik - Pet-friendly

CJ and Megan's cat, Izzy, is also a big fan of The Hendrik.

CJ and Megan have plenty on the horizon. Later this year, they will be married in the U.S. Virgin Islands. And ultimately, the couple plans to purchase a home on Grand Rapids’ West Side. But until that time comes, they will remain residents at The Hendrik, continuing to enjoy the many bonds and relationships that make it an apartment community unlike any other they’ve ever experienced.

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