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Warehouse + Distribution

When you choose Rockford, you choose a team that has been building long enough to know what to look for long before it ever becomes a problem. Fire codes, drainage, location, and site access — these are critical to your industry. That’s why, from preconstruction through final completion, every detail is checked over and over again.

Distribution - Rockford Construction

Rockford has a history of completing successful distribution centers for national industrial, retail, food, and pharmaceutical clients.

It’s this kind of forward thinking that helps us offer services ranging from master planning, programming and engineering to commissioning and start-up. Based on an in-depth knowledge of current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), we are able to integrate standards related to ISO, OSHA, EPA, FDA, SOPs, HACCP, SOR, SPA, IIAR and ASHRAE. Increasing competition has translated to growing pressure on companies to get their products to market as quickly, safely and cost effectively as possible. Adherence to regulatory pressures and knowledge of higher compliance thresholds for product safety is essential.

From product changeovers to new packaging technologies, our team also works hard to understand the best possible logistics while incorporating strategies to achieve streamlined operations, energy savings and rapid project delivery.