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Rockford Property Management’s extensive array of services includes everything from full property management to leasing and asset management. These services work in tandem to maximize the value of every property we manage. We manage assets with a holistic worldview, connecting businesses and tenants with community resources to create strong companies and better communities. Ultimately, we believe that successful property management isn’t solely about physical space, but also the people who interact with it.

Related Services

  • Property Management

    With more than 3 million sq. ft. of managed space in the residential, commercial, retail and medical industries, we possess the ample, diversified experience necessary for nearly any management need. Our property managers protect the value of your investment with a dedication to customer service, improving efficiencies and minimizing operating costs.

  • Property Assessments

    Making an informed decision is a critical component of the due-diligence process. Our team reviews all aspects of a property to assess its current and future physical condition. The result is peace of mind for lenders, developers, investors and owners.

  • Leasing

    Enhancing the value of your investment is at the core of our approach. That’s exactly why our leasing professionals are committed to stabilizing occupancy, achieving optimal rents and exceeding your goals.

  • Maintenance Services

    Rockford Property Management’s friendly, experienced maintenance team ensures the long-term value of your investment with reliable, on-time upkeep and repair work. Whether the need is straightforward or complex, our qualified team gets the job done right.

  • Facilities Management

    Ensuring the longevity of your asset necessitates a dedicated team ready to tackle any aspect of your operations. We elevate your facility by offering expert-level care through managing vendors, developing and managing preventative maintenance programs, performing building assessments, leading special projects and more.

  • Building Automation

    Our cutting-edge technological systems operate as a centralized hub for monitoring and controlling a building’s function. Through these systems, we maximize a building’s efficiency by improving occupant comfort, reducing energy consumption and limiting maintenance costs.

  • Energy Management

    We share in your commitment to sustainability and will work with your team to support the development, implementation and execution of your energy management approach — all while reducing costs.

  • Procurement

    We leverage our extensive network to negotiate optimal rates for goods and services provided to our properties. By securing these goods and services without sacrificing quality, we ensure a high-quality experience for tenants and partners alike.

  • Asset Management

    Rockford Property Management strives to increase the value of your asset through all phases of the property’s life cycle. Our team keeps a pulse on local and regional trends while identifying key opportunities for enhancement. We provide consulting on property repositioning, refinancing and the development of extensive capital improvement plans – along with a variety of other efforts.


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From retail to office, medical and beyond, we manage more than 3 million sq. ft. of space.

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