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Health and Well-Being

At Rockford, our mission is to make a positive impact on the people we serve. When it comes to health and wellness environments, that impact hinges on our understanding of the industry’s unique needs and opportunities, and the strong belief that the spaces we build affect the people who inhabit those spaces. The best results come from active listening, honest communication, transparency and relationships built on trust and accountability.


Whether it's a small private practice or a large hospital, a project's success comes down to understanding the overall vision and the ability to anticipate challenges.

The Rockford team begins with the end in mind – people. Patient-centered care that also considers the needs of caregivers is central to our work. The environments we build not only have the ability to reduce risks of slips and falls, transmission of pathogens and errors in medication, but they can also contribute to shorter stays and better outcomes. And in today’s tight labor market, layouts that save steps, consider ergonomics and acoustics, and provide workplace amenities to your staff are critical. Rockford’s Health and Well-Being team brings expertise in healthcare environments and uses proven research on patient outcomes to guide our efforts.

As organizations work toward improving the delivery of care and amenities to patients and clients, we collaborate to deliver distinctive spaces that are diverse in their use, their looks and the people they attract.