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Rockford Construction offers a dedicated education team that specializes only in education projects, completing more than $200 million in education construction each year. From classrooms and cafeterias to athletics and natatoriums, our team understands the systems, materials and functional requirements of learning spaces. The strength of our experience in athletic programs and early childhood care sets us apart from other construction managers.

  • Pre-Bond
  • Preconstruction
  • Facilities Assessments
  • Pre-K/Early Childhood Development
  • New Construction
  • Renovation
  • Infrastructure Upgrades

Pictured Above: Birmingham Public Schools

In the world of education, budgets and schedules must be met every time. Public, private or charter schools must make the best use of precious funds. Rockford keeps projects within budget using our ample, diversified experience to offer alternative methods and materials during preconstruction, reducing costs and saving time.

What Our Clients Say

"One of the things that I really appreciated about the experience — going through the process of bids and seeking competitive bids from area companies — was the integrity that Rockford Construction brought to the table. They were honest. They were transparent. They were helpful. And in all ways, Rockford Construction was at our side."