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Meijer, Inc.

Multiple Projects

Rockford Construction has completed nearly 400 projects for this retailer since our relationship began in 1992. This includes more than 115 existing store remodels, 105 new superstores, 29 distribution centers, 131 C-stop gas stations, nine (9) office projects and one (1) data center.

Each new superstore requires extensive site work ranging from 20 to 50 acres. The stores feature complex load-bearing precast exterior panels with structural steel interior framing. The interiors include state-of-the-art general sales areas, freezers, grocery departments, bakeries, specialty deli/lunch areas and pharmacies.

Rockford has safely completed more than 100 renovations of existing Meijer stores, the majority of these while stores remained fully open and operational. In each case, we’ve worked diligently with our client on maintaining sales and customer satisfaction.

Rockford’s relationship with Meijer thrives because we share common values. We accept the challenge to deliver beautiful outcomes in the ever-evolving retail market and are privileged to deliver high-quality results for communities in conjunction with our trade partners.

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