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Rockford Construction’s Focus on Safety

From the early planning stages through project completion, safety is the sole focus for Rockford Construction’s safety team. A company-wide focus on safety has allowed Rockford to achieve a safety record that regularly outperforms industry standards. That record comes with an intentional focus on jobsite and worker protections. 

Paul Rozichdirector of safety and risk management, explained how the safety team works to position Rockford as an industry leader in safety 

The Rockford Safety team meets to discuss safe operations at a job site.

When planning a project, at what point does the safety team engage?

We are involved in the process right from the beginning. Because each project is different, we face different challenges on each site. Our safety plans vary depending on where our site is located – for example, in a rural setting or a busy urban setting. We also factor in where we can stage materials, how utilities will impact our plans and other logistical challenges.  

We also base our safety plan on if the space will be occupied during construction and consider environmental impact and remediation plans.  

Who is involved in putting a safety plan together?

Rockford’s safety team leads the effort with help from our procurement department, the project manager and the site superintendent. Together, we build a plan and provide guidance to the trade contractors who will be doing the day-to-day work on the site to ensure everyone stays healthy. 

Paul Rozich, Director of Safety and Risk Management, rides a construction elevator to an upper floor while performing safety checks at a project.

Once construction begins, what is the safety team’s role?

Once a project starts, we determine any high-risk activities for that project and plan to be there during that time. On top of that, we also schedule regular site visits and, in some cases, have a safety team member onsite fulltime. We also ensure we are there when certain trade contractors are onsite to ensure a healthy, safe environment. 

What makes safety a priority at Rockford, and why do we focus so much on it in our projects?

Safety is part of our culture here at Rockford. It’s very personal. Nothing is more important to me and leadership than getting our team members, trade contractors and all those impacted by our work home to their families at the end of the day. That’s the motivator. You can have all the regulation in the world, but if safety isn’t a commitment on a personal level, it just won’t work. Here at Rockford, everyone is bought in to safety from the top down. 

How is that overall commitment to safety and the health of our team members reflected in our safety record?

Our safety ratings across several measures are better than the construction industry average – and have been for several years. It’s a record we’re very proud of because of the level of attention that is paid to keeping our sites, offices, properties and shops as safe as they can be.  


Rockford Construction is the proud recipient of the 2020 ABC Safety Award of Excellence.

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