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Life at Barley Flats: Derek Sitterly

By Mason Nichols

For nearly a year, Derek Sitterly and his fiancée Ali Hoskins have been residents on Grand Rapids’ West Side. And while neither Derek nor Ali have family in the area, they’ve found their connection to the city and their sense of community through living at Barley Flats.

Barley Flats - Derek Sitterly and Ali Hoskins

Derek, who works as a key account representative for Request Foods in Holland, explained that he and Ali enjoy all the conveniences city life offers, including close proximity to local restaurants and entertainment venues. This is what initially drew them to living in Grand Rapids.

“Barley Flats offers an attractive location,” Derek said. “It’s walkable to many different places and there’s always plenty of activity on the West Side.”

But location is only part of the story. Derek and Ali have both plugged into the Barley community by interacting with their fellow residents and attending events hosted by Rockford Property Management.

“We’ve met a lot of different people, and everyone in our building is very friendly,” Derek said. “The quantity and quality of events have also been really awesome. We really enjoyed the Grand Rapids Drive basketball game and Game Night at Go Java.”

The pair have also benefited from taking advantage of the Rock Perks program, which nets them discounts at the local businesses they love and recently came in handy when Derek’s family came into town for a visit.

Barley Flats - Ali Hoskins

Derek and his fiancée Ali attended the Grand Rapids Drive game in March and enjoyed VIP Lounge access on behalf of Rockford Property Management.

Although Derek and Ali have plans to purchase a home in the future, their positive experience with the Rockford Property Management team will keep them at Barley Flats for at least the next year.

“We’ve been blown away by the service level from Rockford. We just really love living here. I don’t know how we lucked into ending up where we did, but it’s been awesome."

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