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College Recruiting

Leverage the countless hours you’ve spent readying, studying and learning your chosen profession to help us Build a Better World at Rockford!

Whether you’re a construction management major or have a degree in accounting, information technology, marketing, business, law, real estate management or a variety of other areas, we’re looking for talented students and new grads who are eager to gain valuable internship work experience or start their careers.

At Rockford, you can work with a company that values winning as a team and your individual contributions. We provide growth opportunities for high achievers and offer career pathways and planning to help you move from entry level to the next level – fast.

Rockford offers paid time off, volunteer time, family time and a host of other benefits to full-time team members, including a company-provided employee assistance program, Rockford University and a great group of people to work with who are experts in their fields.

With above-average compensation for the industry, you’ll be rewarded for your skills. And with strong benefits and retirement account matching, you’ll have a complete compensation and benefits package to support your growing career. Click “Apply Now” to explore current job opportunities.