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Rockford Cleans Up for Earth Day 2021

More than 50 Rockford Construction team members gathered April 16 to clean up a large area of Grand Rapids’ West Side neighborhood at an event to help celebrate Earth Day.

The Rockford team was split into eight groups. Each took on a section of the West Side area near the company’s headquarters at the intersection of First and Seward.

Each team worked on its designated section for about an hour and a half, which resulted in a combined collection of more than 100 pounds of trash.

Teams cleaned areas as far north as Sixth Street NW, as far south as Fulton Street, and in an area between Milwaukee Avenue NW and US-131.

The cleanup was performed in conjunction with the annual springtime Westside Community Cleanup, which involves a larger volunteer effort that focuses on the entire West Side neighborhood.

Rockford team members volunteer to clean up portions of the West Side for Earth Day 2021.

Rockford team members volunteered to clean up trash on Grand Rapids' West Side as part of an event for Earth Day 2021.

The event provided Rockford team members with a chance to support several of our core values, including community service and sustainability.

Caylie Peet, Rockford Construction’s community engagement coordinator and co-chair of the larger cleanup effort, organized the event and coordinated cleaning areas with organizers of the larger community event.

“We as a community have been through many unprecedented challenges over the past year, which caused us to put our normal cleanup efforts on hold,” she said. “When we realized we had the chance to host this event for our team members and help the neighborhood, there was no hesitation. It’s not just about cleaning up the neighborhood – it also gave our team a chance to feel a bit of normalcy that we’ve been longing for.”

Rockford team members cleaned up trash across the West Side during a neighborhood clean-up event on April 16.

Rockford team members cleaned up trash across areas of the West Side during a neighborhood clean up event April 16.

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