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Brad Mathis 

Paving the Way for Future Builders

In the face of a growing shortage of skilled labor in the construction industry, Rockford Construction is taking bold steps to address this challenge head-on. Recognizing the critical need to expose the next generation to the opportunities within the construction sector, Rockford is leading several workforce development and exposure efforts in Michigan, setting a precedent for other companies in the field.

At the heart of Rockford’s initiatives lies a commitment to providing young people with invaluable exposure to the construction industry. Through strategic partnerships and targeted outreach programs, we are paving the way for a new wave of construction workers and managers.

One of Rockford’s flagship initiatives involves collaborating with the West Michigan Construction Institute to host students for site visits. These immersive, hands-on experiences offer participants a firsthand glimpse into the dynamic world of construction, allowing them to witness the intricate processes involved in bringing architectural visions to life. By engaging with industry professionals and witnessing projects in action, students gain valuable insights into the diverse career pathways available within construction.

In addition to partnering with educational institutions, Rockford extends its outreach efforts to encompass a wide range of youth organizations. By hosting job site visit opportunities for more than a dozen groups, the company opens doors for young people from varied backgrounds to explore the possibilities within the construction industry. From school groups to youth empowerment programs, Rockford is dedicated to fostering curiosity and igniting passion among the next generation of builders.

“We know that there are meaningful and impactful careers available in the construction and trade fields, and we believe that providing opportunities for young people to see themselves in those positions is critical,” said Shane Napper, Rockford’s President and COO. “By partnering with construction education programs, we can help create defining opportunities for the next generation of talent in the construction industry.”

The overarching goal of these efforts is clear: to position construction management careers as a first-choice career option. By dispelling misconceptions and showcasing the rewarding nature of careers in construction, Rockford aims to inspire students to envision themselves as integral contributors to the development, construction and management of the built environment.

In an industry grappling with a shortage of skilled labor and tradespeople, Rockford’s proactive approach is both timely and necessary. By investing in the development of future construction professionals, we are not only securing our own talent pipeline but also contributing to the long-term sustainability of the construction sector.

Through our commitment to workforce development, Rockford is not merely building structures; we are helping build futures. By empowering the next generation with the knowledge, skills and opportunities they need to thrive in the construction industry, Rockford is helping pave the way for a more robust and resilient industry in the years to come.



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