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Be Well, Grand Rapids: Allegro Coaching

By Caylie Peet, CTA

2020 has been filled with unknowns and a variety of difficulties. While we have almost reached the end of this unique year, we must finish strong and healthy — both physically and mentally. We are happy that many of our wellness neighbors have once again been able to open their doors to the community and are celebrating with our “Be Well, Grand Rapids” blog series.

Our focus this week is on Allegro Coaching. We sat down with Kendra Bylsma, owner, to talk about her business and Allegro Coaching’s plan for reopening.


Allegro Coaching has shifted all of its sessions to virtual or outdoors in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How has your business evolved since its inception?

Allegro Coaching opened more than 10 years ago. At the time, I was a mobile personal trainer, going from home to home in West Michigan and helping clients start a fitness program where they were comfortable. Shortly after, I started offering outdoor boot camp classes to the community and soon realized the need for suitable group fitness classes in the area. Allegro Coaching was born!

We were the founding studio for TRX training and boxing classes — not to mention one of the first boutique studios to pop up before they became popular. After 9 years of running a facility in Eastown, we offered over 30 classes per week. We operated a full-time facility for 1-1 personal training services and corporate wellness outreach to local businesses.

Be Well, Grand Rapids - Allegro Coaching

Allegro Coaching is currently providing the option of a 10-Class Pass for just $75 or an unlimited monthly class pass for only $79.

Do you have any special programming or offerings for potential new clients?

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, it was truly unexpected. Like most small businesses, we thought we might just experience a few short weeks of lockdown, but here we are and trying to reopen in the fall months of Michigan. I am proud of our adaptability to quickly convert classes to virtual (Zoom) options for members, as well as our extensive offerings of outdoor classes we have begun offering at Wilcox Park since May 2020.

Thankfully, the weather has been generous and our members have been committed. Even with the governor allowing us to reopen over the last few weeks, we have yet to offer one indoor class because members are accustomed to outdoor and virtual (not to mention not wanting to wear a mask indoors).

We continue to push the beautiful fall weather with more than 20 classes to choose from each week. We realize many of us are living month-to-month, so we provide the option of a 10-Class Pass for just $75 or an unlimited monthly class pass for only $79. We’re also offering $10 drop-ins and $39/month for virtual memberships.


The company's mission is to make fitness accessible and affordable for all.

What message would you like to share with your client base and community?

Our mission stays true through all of this. We want to make fitness accessible and affordable for all. We believe we are stronger together, and there is power in staying connected, even though resources exist for free in the fitness industry.

As we continue to navigate the great unknown, we want to help people get started and to find the accountability and motivation to keep self-care top of mind. After all, we are running a marathon that we didn’t sign up to run, and we don’t know if we are at mile 2 or mile 13. We need to pace ourselves, and we need to be flexible and forgiving to make sure we have healthy outlets along the way to feel healthy, empowered and connected!

Be Well, Grand Rapids - Allegro Coaching

In addition to having tons of fun while working on your wellness, you can still benefit from Allegro Coaching's Rock Perks discounts.

Are you still offering your Rock Perks discount?

Yes, we have two different offerings:

  • $20 Off 10-Class Pass (Regular Price: $159)
  • One Week Free Class Pass for New Clients

View Allegro Coaching’s Rock Perks Offer

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