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Dec. 4, 2017

Women in Business with Monica Steimle-App

Monica Steimle-App joined Rockford in 2017 as Director of Property Management. Now, as Vice President of Property Management, Monica manages a team of more than 25 and a real estate portfolio of more than 2.4 million square feet. Prior to joining Rockford, Steimle-App acted as Director of Community Relations at 616 Development and before that, as a Property Manager for the Hayman Company. Monica explains she was drawn to Rockford because of the values this company has set in. “Because of the work I’ve done in the community, I’ve noticed that Rockford is always at the table.”

Over the years, Steimle-App has established herself as a leader in the community, serving with the Hispanic Center of West Michigan, the Mayor’s Housing Advisory Committee, the Grand Rapids Housing Commission, Local First and Friends of Grand Rapids Parks. Despite being a leader herself, Monica says she has been happy to work with a lot of women in Grand Rapids who she considers to be very strong individuals and mentors. She has also been able to network, and see how supportive these women have been of each other. Monica says, “I think this support has been very helpful because it allows for the women in our community to learn, support, and check in with one another.”

Monica has achieved a lot throughout her career, but when asked to pinpoint what she has been most proud of she said, “Being an expert in my field makes me proud. I have been asked by the City and other groups to weigh in or be a part of things related to housing because my expertise on that topic is valued. That is a very humbling feeling, but I am appreciative because I’ve worked hard for that. To be recognized in that way is an achievement. I’m proud to be in the role that I’m in.”

With accomplishments come experience and advice. Monica offers this advice to other women in business, “get involved. That’s my advice to all younger people in general. Get involved and find out what your interests are. Get on a board, join a committee, and learn more about what you’re interested in. Be at the table. Be present. It’s very easy in this community to be involved in any area that you want to. But you have to show up, be there, and follow through. For women specifically, I’d say surround yourself with fine mentors, other women mentors, and learn from them. Do not assume that you know everything, and always be open to learning. That’s all been helpful to me.”