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Sep. 4, 2017

What Are Beautiful Outcomes?

This month, we launched an internal campaign centered around our third cornerstone – Beautiful Outcomes. We wanted to find out what this cornerstone means to different members of our team, so throughout the month, we asked our team to think about how all of our departments create beautiful outcomes.

To our clients — and sometimes even ourselves — “Beautiful Outcomes” might conjure up images of the final project. But they are so much more than that. They are the result of smart, safe, and collaborative efforts. Whether you're helping a trade contractor or client, a tenant or internal team member, we believe that beautiful outcomes happen every day.

To us, Beautiful Outcomes mean resolving an accounting issue early and easily for a trade contractor. It could mean zero safety incidents on a jobsite or convenient maintenance solutions for our tenants. The way we see it, Beautiful Outcomes are all about the journey.

Here are some of the many responses we received from team members about what Beautiful Outcomes mean to them:

  • The Safety Team does a great job keeping everyone safe and showing the world that safety is Rockford's number one priority.
  • From the first day on site to the signed off punch list, the field staff interact the most with the client. The relationships they build are as important as the facilities we build.
  • The Construction Administrators guide our projects toward beautiful outcomes by keeping people organized, multi-tasking on multiple projects, and responding to requests in a timely manner.
  • The Preconstruction team works to set appropriate expectations for projects from the very beginning. Projects with the most successful outcomes start with realistic expectations.
  • The Communications team helps facilitate beautiful outcomes by pushing us to think about how we can continue to grow and thrive as a company.
  • The IT department provides a glowing example of using innovation to create a beautiful outcome though the creation of IRIS [Innovative Real-Time Information Sharing]. With its user-friendly interface and all the reports and databases it holds, IRIS allows all of us to work better and more efficiently.
  • The team in the field does an amazing job keeping all the trades working together toward the end goal – a beautiful building.