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By: Mike Mraz
Oct. 8, 2018

Virtual Reality: Enhancing the Construction Industry

In construction, we measure our success by the ability to turn our client’s vision into a reality. While 2D drawings, 3D models, and mock images provide a picture of the finished product, virtual reality allows our clients to step inside their project before laying the first brick.

We know impacts to budget and schedule are the most inherent risks to construction projects. To effectively mitigate them, we focus upfront on cost control, scheduling, preconstruction, and solid project coordination. With the addition of VR technology, processes are simplified, and the client and project team can collaborate efficiently, interact with the structure, avoid costly design issues, and make amendments, all while gaining a consistent and vivid vision of the final product.

Project sites can also utilize virtual reality to create accessible quality safety training for their teams. Training using VR simulation rather than actual machinery is safer, cost effective, and ensures everyone on the project site has received the same comprehensive instruction.

What’s more, when we look at new real estate development opportunities and when we sell the experience of our properties, this technology helps us illustrate landscapes and make better choices for our communities.

As Builders of a Changing World, we know technology creates new ways for us to offer value – and expanded career options. It’s up to all of us to use technology to transform our industry and ensure we offer the best experience to our clients and team members.  With virtual reality, we can successfully exceed client expectations and drive development of a productive, forward thinking workforce.