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May. 21, 2018

Three Critical Elements of a Safe Construction Site

Nothing is more important to the Rockford family than getting our crews home to their families. Our approach to project site management is rooted in safety, security, and simplicity. This commitment is more than just hard hats, boots, and safety glasses; it’s the responsibility of every team member, from onsite crews to office team members.


For every project, developing a unique, site-specific safety plan illustrating parking, delivery locations, logistics like large trucks getting on and off the site, and where materials and heavy equipment can be stored lays the groundwork for a safe site.


Taking the time to understand the environment, work flow, schedule, and the community before any construction begins is critical. As part of this, a Trade Contractor Safety Handbook explaining project-specific safety and health requirements should be developed and updated as conditions and considerations change. At Rockford, our site Superintendent reviews this handbook with all contractors prior to working onsite to ensure everyone understands the potential hazards and the plans in place to work safely.


Once the project is underway, there’s often more than 100 different trades men and women working onsite at one time. As working conditions and safety considerations change moment by moment, it’s important to ensure everyone understands the safety expectations. Rockford’s Superintendent holds weekly Toolbox meetings to keep safety top of mind. We talk about new codes, review any new requests or requirements from the building owner, and address any new safety challenges or hazards.

Specific to Rockford, our safety success is due, in large part, to our full-time Safety Director, Paul Rozich, who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience having worked in the safety and risk management field for more than 20 years. Paul and his team regularly visits our construction sites – they’re an absolutely critical source for delivering built-in value on our projects.

It’s easy to do things the same way over and over. Rockford’s safety culture challenges us to create a better experience for our clients, our partners, and each other – before, during, and after our projects are complete. We’re committed to building a more livable world, one place at a time.