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Mar. 19, 2018

Places with Soul: An Integral Approach to Property Management

As business thought leaders, we have the potential to create built-in value with every interaction. Our goal in creating beautiful outcomes includes so much more than just the finished project.

Through our property management services, we create opportunities for soulful spaces that are engaging, inclusive, and inspiring. We draw the focus away from ourselves and onto the properties through the lenses of the residents and tenants we serve. 

Our involvement with neighborhood associations and community organizations like the Inner City Christian Federation helps us identify opportunities that activate value to both residents and commercial tenants, and in turn, our entire community. From offering tips for biking to work, to sharing information about city efforts supporting alternative transportation and affordable housing options, we strive to be a part of the conversation around mobility and sustainability.

We also support neighborhood businesses by introducing tenants to the unique experiences offered by places like AM Yoga, Rower’s Club, and The Mitten State. We take pride in knowing what’s happening in the community and pass along this value to our tenants and residents.

By utilizing technology and streamlining processes, we engage residents with practical solutions that provide inherent value. We provide spaces to energize the local economy and workforce. MoDiv was designed as an innovative and flexible retail incubator to benefit residents and Grand Rapids’ commerce. Coworking space and private offices are the heart of Blue35, which offers individuals and organizations a flexible, modern workplace to better meets their needs.

At Rockford, we have a passion for creating places in the world – from housing options to work spaces, we empower others to engage with their community. Our property management services connect residents and tenants with soulful spaces – the heart of a vibrant and engaging experience.