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Aug. 19, 2018

Community Centered Construction

It’s easy to do things the same way over and over. That’s not Rockford. From our efforts in Grand Rapids to engaging communities across the nation, we know building vibrant places isn’t possible without considering the people who live there first. Our work on the West Side demonstrates this engagement and commitment to community centered construction.

Publicly, we have developed many properties and project types to spur sustainable growth and vitality in the area – this includes meeting parking, housing, and grocery needs. Quietly, we are working closely with local schools, non-profits, businesses, and city leaders to solve larger neighborhood challenges.


What helps an urban neighborhood flourish? Helping to answer this question thoughtfully, Rockford is proud to honor Hendrik Meijer’s legacy with a 116-unit property above the Bridge Street Market. As Meijer has anchored so many communities over its history, The Hendrik will add immense value to the West Side when it opens later this year.

We know soulful spaces are born where community creation thrives. We’re especially dedicated to cultivating warm, thoughtful, and inclusive communities — inside and outside of the walls we build. Because, at some point, construction is finished. But communities are never done. We can’t wait to see how the West Side continues to write its story.