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Nov. 19, 2018

Celebrating His Place in the Community

This month we are highlighting Rockford team members who are extending their hands to their communities and organizations close to their hearts. Rockford superintendent George Colvin dedicates his time to Michigan Minority Contractors Association – Detroit, where he utilizes his knowledge, talents, and leadership to carry out the organization’s mission of contractor inclusion, education, and advocacy. We recently met with George to learn more about the organization and what it means to him. 

As you’ve become more involved with the organization, how has it gained importance in your life?

The ability to connect and provide opportunities to contractors, who typically do not have the opportunity, is very rewarding to me. It has energized me to look at various aspects and opportunities in my everyday life to do the same for those outside of the work place. It reminds me of the many times people have opened doors for me, for no other reason, other than being kind. I also watched those who were a blessing to me become blessed in their life.

Based on your experience working with MMCA, what are different ways that an everyday person can improve the lives of themselves and their fellow community members?

Never have a closed mind to your approach when helping others. Sometimes you have to be creative in ways to get around certain challenges when being a blessing. Walls are in placed to make being a better person a challenge, maneuvering around these challenges is part of what makes the end result so rewarding. It has changed me for the better, as I have not allowed the first “no” to stop me from looking for the first “yes”. It may take hearing “no” quite a bit, before you hear your first, rewarding “Yes”. Do not give up!