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Aug. 2, 2017

Built-In Value

As a continuation of the summer series that looks into Rockford's mission, vision, and values, we spent the month of July taking a deeper look at our second cornerstone: Built-In Value.

Providing built-in value means that we proactively anticipate needs before they’re needed, and problems before they’re a problem. It means leveraging lessons learned into new solutions. It’s about stepping out of our comfort zones to tackle new problems and create new possibilities — to make things better, safer, and more sustainable.

This month, we asked our team to think of ways they can create built-in value, and then act on them. It’s easy to do things the same way over and over, so we wanted them to step out of their comfort zones. From talking to a teammate instead of emailing, to finding a way to help a client save money, we challenged team members to break up their day-to-day routine and create greater value. The feedback we’ve received so far is encouraging and makes us proud to work with these incredible people. Here are a few of the themes:

  • Constantly looking for ways to improve as an individual, not just as an employee, by continuously learning and sharing that knowledge with others.”
  • Making a consistent effort to meet face-to-face with everyone — trade contractors, owners, owner’s reps, coworkers — so to not get caught in email wars, decreasing the chance of miscommunication.”
  • Trying to improve processes to make them more efficient, saving both time and money.”

By challenging each other to find new and better ways to do things, we create a better experience for our clients, our partners, and each other. In every interaction, we must deliver built-in value — and we know we can. For the month of August, we’ll have a new challenge focusing on Beautiful Outcomes.