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Oct. 22, 2018

A Look Inside: AMP Lab

As the Grand Rapids community has come together to support the space, it already serves as a testament to what can happen when cities embrace lifelong learning and offer people the skills they need for in demand careers.

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By: Mike Mraz
Oct. 8, 2018

Virtual Reality: Enhancing the Construction Industry

With the addition of VR technology, processes are simplified, and the client and project team can collaborate efficiently, interact with the structure, avoid costly design issues, and make amendments, all while gaining a consistent and vivid vision of the final product.

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May. 7, 2018

How Embracing Differences Delivers Exceptional Results

Rockford respects and values the characteristics, talents, and perspectives that make us unique. We believe that by bringing diverse individuals together, we can effectively collaborate, innovate, and solve problems.

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Jan. 8, 2018

Bring on a Bold New Year!

Reflecting on 2017 has us ready for another bold year as Builders of a Changing World. Rockford’s CEO, Mike VanGessel, shares his thoughts and thanks as we enter 2018.

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Raised Floor System
Aug. 21, 2017

What Is a Raised-Floor System?

​Do you know what raised-flooring systems are or how your next project could benefit from them?

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Jul. 24, 2017

“Sound” Building Practices

Regardless of project type, resolving issues related to interior acoustics requires early planning, appropriate materials, and meticulous installation.As we review designs with acoustics in mind, the Rockford team looks for specific items including…

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May. 1, 2017

Rockford Volunteers Build Camaraderie

Earlier this year, Rockford announced a new “Volunteer Time Off” policy that offers employees a full, paid day to volunteer for a charity of their choice. Some team members recently used their VTO to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity of Kent County.

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Feb. 13, 2017

Trends in Laboratory Planning

Today’s healthcare, education, and workplace spaces are changing, and trends in laboratory facility design continue to evolve in similar ways. Read more about the key requirements that are driving current laboratory planning trends.

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Lane Blog 4
Jan. 16, 2017

Industrial Construction: The Secret to Helping Clients Shorten Schedules and Increase Profit Margins

Advanced concrete maturity testing techniques are the secret to helping your clients achieve shorter construction schedules and higher profit margins.

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Jan. 2, 2017

Safe Resolutions for 2017

Did you know that of the 45% of Americans who make New Year’s resolutions, only 8% of those people successfully achieve them? Read on for tips on how to stick with your goals any time of year!

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Nov. 14, 2016

Making a Statement About Sustainability

As a top area employer, working in a LEED-Platinum building, we want to share Rockford’s most recent sustainability statement.

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